Burger Emoji Debate: Cheese Up Or Down?

October 30, 2017 | Joe Gorgone

The Internet erupted Sunday when it was pointed out in a Tweet by writer Thomas Baekdal that there is a glaring difference between the Burger emojis provided by Apple and Google.

As anyone who is a veteran of the Internet will tell you, this kind of injustice requires swift action to satisfy all Burger and emoji fanatics. While it’s certainly acceptable to prepare Burgers any way you see fit—after all, you hold the keys to where is placed the cheese—there is a certain sense of structural integrity and perfect flavor to keep in mind.

The reason there is such a tumult over this cheesy discrepancy is because, by and large, most Cheeseburgers feature the cheese on top of the Burger patty instead of below it. And there’s good reason for it. By allowing your slice of cheese to melt on top of the Burger patty the flavor combination of the beef and cheese comes through much for clearly and allows for a more complex flavor combination.

This debate has proven so divisive, however, that even Google’s CEO got in on the discussion.


So, what have we learned? Clearly, cheese on top is the way to go for a more complex and delicious flavor. And hopefully, Sundar Pichai is true to his word that this issue will be resolved so Burger lovers can express their love for Burgers with pride once more.

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