Four Grilling Hacks for Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018 is quickly approaching. And in a twist of fate, National Hamburger Day shares the same date as the unofficial kickoff of summer, May 28! In preparation, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite barbecue hacks, so you can celebrate in style and enjoy the Very Best Burger all summer long.


Clean Your Grill with a Raw Onion
Sounds strange, we know. But the process is simple and effective: cut a raw onion in half and skewer it so that the fullest part of the onion is facing downwards, then scrub the onion on a still warm griddle to remove all the debris and grime. This is a clean, “green” method for destroying filth while simultaneously flavoring your grill with the delicious taste of onion.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Seasoning
While some recipes and foodie websites call for hours of marinating or putting tons of rub on your Burgers, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t trying to stifle your creativity by any means—if you want to show off your outstanding culinary skills, more power to you! But Memorial Day Weekend tends to be crazy as it is, so why add more chaos in to the mix? Save your energy for enjoying the company of friends and family by picking up a pack of Schweid & Sons pre-made patties ahead of time from your local grocery store (or even ordering them from Amazon Fresh), sprinkle some Kosher salt to the meat, throw them on the grill, and you’re all set! With all the different blends we offer, there’s something for every taste this Memorial Day.

Need more reasons why pre-made patties are the way to go? Read more on the topic in this edition of Sam Schweid’s Butcher Shop.

Strategically Place Your Toppings
It’s no secret—Burger build is very important. But do you continuously face the problem of having a soggy bottom bun? We finally have the solution! When it comes time to put the finishing touches on your Burger creation, start by putting the lettuce on the bottom bun first, then your patty followed by rest of the garnishes. This will prevent the juices from being absorbed into the bread, so you have a juicier Burger without the mess of a wrecked bun.

Brand Your Buns
While we’re on the topic of build, we must talk about condiments. It may become a hassle trying to keep track of guests’ orders while working the grill (Did they want cheese or no cheese? How did they want it cooked?) so have partygoers write their initials in the condiment of their choice on their pre-selected bun. This way you can dish out the proper Burgers to their rightful diners while keeping your peace of mind.

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