Announcing South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash Judging Criteria

We are honored to be the presenting sponsors of the 2015 South Beach Wine & Food Festival® Amstel Light Burger Bash.

What does that mean? Well it means we get to put our name and logo on all kinds of stuff related to the event. That’s important to us but what does it mean to you? That’s where this gets fun.

By presenting the Burger Bash®, we get to pick all the judges who will be deciding which Chef makes The Very Best Burger. Whichever Chef that happens to be, they will be named the champ and awarded The Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Trophy. It looks like this:


We didn’t pick just any judges, we picked 5 of the most passionate and qualified burger eaters in all the land!


One of the best parts of our participation is getting to work with all these awesome and talented Chefs by offering them ground beef. We worked hand in hand with them to come up with custom blends and grinds that they thought would make The Very Best Burger. Those burgers are what the judges are going to eat, just like you.

“The Bash Daddy” – being served by Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

As part of our sponsorship, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival® Amstel Light Burger Bash asks us to pick the criteria by which the judges will determine which Chef makes The Very Best Burger. That’s a pretty big responsibility but we don’t make ground beef for us, we make it for you. The Chefs and restaurants that use our fresh ground beef on their menus are trying to serve you The Very Best Burger. So with that, we decided you, the burger fanatic, should be in charge of deciding that criteria.

We ran an online poll that allowed you to vote on what you thought were the most important parts of making The Very Best Burger and you voted. OH BOY DID YOU VOTE! The poll blew up on our social media and our website.

We took all the results and analyzed what you had to say. Here are the results:


As you will see many of the categories were within a couple percentage points of each other which means there is no one element that makes The Very Best Burger but more so, it’s a harmony of these things. To accommodate this in the official judging criteria, we gave those elements that you thought were the most important a higher weight and those that weren’t as important, a lower weight. Any of the factors that were close in the voting share the same weight.

So there you have it! Ultimately you have helped to decide who will be crowned the Burger Bash Champion and who will walk away with The Very Best Burger Trophy.

And for that, we thank you! Now let’s eat some burgers!!!

In the meantime, check out the journey The Very Best Burger Trophy has been on in getting to South Beach on our instagram page.

The @schweidandsons #VeryBestBurger Trophy has a lunch meeting with @lebatardshow and arrived a little early. When in South Beach …

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