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Amy Kritzer is the founder of the Jewish cooking blog What Jew Wanna Eat. She is a trained personal chef who cut her teeth at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. Her recipes have been featured on the Cooking Channel, Rachael Ray, in the Today Show Blog, Bon Appetit, the Huffington Post and Fox News Magazine. She is a go-to voice in the world of Jewish and kosher cooking, whose wisdom has been sought by the Washington Post, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal, and she is also a freelance writer for the Austin Chronicle and the Jewish Week. Later this year, Amy’s cookbook “Sweet Noshings, New Twists on Traditional Jewish Baking” will become available. She joins the podcast to share her experience growing from a mild mannered blogger into the Go-To Jew of Austin, Texas.


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Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re thinking about making a career change into the food world, take the leap. It will be a hustle, but you won’t end up with a job in the industry if you don’t try.
  • We’re to a point where you have both specific audiences on different social media channels, and people who follow you across all of them. For both of those reasons, it’s good to make sure the content across all channels isn’t exactly the same.
  • Geography doesn’t influence niche. If your focus is specific, the internet will connect you with the audience that is interested in it, regardless of whether or not you live near them. Further, if you’re one of a kind in y our community, the community will look to you for your expertise.
  • Diversifying your portfolio is important in making a career as a food blogger. Setting up affiliate advertising programs, reaching out for sponsored posts, and a host of other opportunities exist for earning income.
  • It’s incredibly important for a company to look into someone’s blog before reaching out to them to promote a product. A blogger is not a journalist with an income coming from their employer, looking for the next story, and a blogger cannot pay their rent in free product. Do the research, write a thoughtful message, and come with ideas.
  • Find your voice and stick with it. If you’re quirky in real life, be quirky online. Make your voice be what your brand stands for.

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