How Art and Food Are Coming Together to Create Unique Dining Experiences

August 4, 2016 | Joe Gorgone

How Art and Food Are Coming Together to Create Unique Dining Experiences

How Art & Food Come Together to Create Unique Dining Experiences

Adam Shopkorn is a New York-based curator and art advisor, and the producer of the 2013 basketball documentary “Lenny Cooke.” He is also, along with his wife Carolyn Angel, the founder of Fort Gansevoort, a cultural hub for art, design, and food. Located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, the three-story building contains a gallery, a take-out BBQ window, and spaces for curated retail experiences. He joins the show to talk about combining art and food to create a unique experience for fans of either. 


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Key Takeaways:

  • Larger galleries and museums are seeing some synergy between art and food, and while smaller galleries are starting to incorporate food more, it’s still rather novel for a small to medium-sized gallery to have food associated with it
  • Because not many art openings see barbecue served, it amplifies the profile of Fort Gansevoort as an art space that barbecue is served at its openings
  • The art world has Instagram influencers just like the food world, and it’s important to engage with both the influencers and the traditional media when opening a new business, be it a gallery or a restaurant
  • You don’t need help reaching out to influencers. Just take the time and reach out. If they don’t come the first time you reach out, keep contacting them. Eventually they’ll show up to your restaurant
  • An unorthodox space may not seem ideal for dining in, but making tables available and having patrons sit and eat in your store is more attractive to passers-by than having a takeout only model
  • Use every opportunity to invite traditional press and online influencers to your restaurant. A change in the seating availability and new menu items are great ways to get people with an audience back in your door
  • A mutually beneficial relationship between an art project and a restaurant project works best when the two entities are under one roof. Otherwise it is hard to see the benefit of a gallery to a restaurant

Learn more about Adam Shopkorn & Fort Gansevoort:

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